10 Things Successful Managers Do Every Work Day

10 Things Successful Managers Do Every Work Day

There is a lot of information on the internet sharing free management lessons and tips on how to become successful.Check out our quick no-nonsense tips on how to become successful at work.

1. Reflect: Set aside 10 minutes first thing in the morning to reflect on where you are, are you on the right path and what milestones to cross in order to achieve your goals.

2. Prioritize: The typical human tendency is to take up easier tasks first and leave the difficult ones for later but successful people take the difficult ones first. However, while prioritizing you should keep the deadlines in mind.

3. Organize: Not finding things you need wastes a lot of time at work. Organize your desk, desktop and folders within your drives to make them accessible. It is a good idea to have an excel sheet to index all the online tools and resources you use on a daily basis and hyperlink them for quick access.

4. Stretch: Sitting in a sedentary position for long hours could reduce blood circulation. So take a short walk or do a couple of stretching exercises at your desk. There are also certain apps which remind you to stretch after frequent intervals.

5. Visualize: Visualize your day and map out your to-do list to the tools, resources and people required to accomplish them. This exercise will also let other stakeholders organize their day and be available when you need them.

6. Greet: Make time to meet and greet your colleagues with a warm smile. Maintaining a friendly relationship with your coworkers will make your workplace pleasant for everyone.

7. Engage: Make sure you set aside at least 15 min to have a quick talk with one of your team members to briefly check for their engagement and motivational levels. If you are on a tight bandwidth then you can certainly talk over lunch.

8. Mentor: Have a genuine interest in building your team member’s careers. This will not only help them grow and take up additional responsibilities within the organization but will also develop mutual respect.

9. Grateful: Every morning identify something which you are grateful to. This could be something personal or business related. This sounds simple but will create a positive energy and a sense of well being which would translate into a stress-free work day increasing focus and productivity.

10. Eat: Steve Job’s phrase – ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ is incomplete, if you ‘Stay Hungry You Will Become Foolish’, That’s a fact! Our brains consume as much as 20% of the total energy produced in the body. So don’t be foolish – eat healthily and be productive at work.