A resume is like a product brochure which highlights how you are going to benefit the organization which is looking to hire you for a given job role. Your resume is the first thing the recruiter looks at before shortlisting you for an interview, so it is extremely important to have an impactful resume. Let’s see some of the important ingredients which should help you build an effective resume.

Customized Resume: It takes a little effort to modify your resume each time you apply for a job but its worth it. A customized resume is effective and the probability of getting a call from recruiters improve.

Quantify Accomplishments: Think of yourself as a product and write use cases to prove your point. List down all the accomplishments you made throughout your career and quantify them, for example – the campaigns you ran generated X number of qualified leads and converted Y number of prospects resulting in certain $. This would add credibility to your candidature.

Crisp is Better: According to a study, an average recruiter glances through a resume for six seconds and decides whether to take it further. So have crisp and precise information on your resume and prioritize it according to the job description. This also clearly shows your communication and organizational skills

Proof Read: Each time you modify your resume it is prone to errors. Errors in your resume could leave a negative impression on the recruiter. So proof read the entire document to identify typos or grammatical errors and rectify them. It is also a good idea to get your resume reviewed by a friend or a family member.

Being Honest: Although it is not required to remind someone to be honest because it is obvious. But while writing a resume people often get tempted to either inflate the facts or provide false information to impress the recruiter or the hiring manager. However, it is best to be honest on your resume because it could save you from a lot of trouble, anxiety and embarrassment during the interview or on the job.