Six Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Six Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have been around since ages – Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford are just some of them. In the past decade, we have witnessed a tremendous transformation the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurship has become more of a profession. Technology has been a great catalyst and the internet paved the way for rapid knowledge sharing. As a result, the world has witnessed numerous startups, some were successful and much more were perished. Irrespective of success or failure, entrepreneurs share some common traits at the core.

Let’s look at some of the traits of successful entrepreneurs:

Visionary: An entrepreneur always thinks big and is always driven by their dreams. They strongly believe in their ideas and even inspires others to follow them.

Planner: Plans for the whole year in advance and breaks it down into smaller doable chunks of tasks. Has a contingency plan and knows when to strategically adjust.

Determined: Does not take no for an answer and does not rest until the set goal is achieved. But the entrepreneur knows how to make corrective adjustments to the course of action yet keeping the objective unchanged.

Risk Taker: An entrepreneur is ready to take risks head-on by keeping the consequences of risks in mind and planning countermeasures to mitigate them.

Hungry Learner: Continuous learning should be a built-in trait of entrepreneur’s DNA. As an entrepreneur, you are required to work on a wide range of tasks not limited to finance, marketing, recruitment, etc. So one must have an appetite to keep learning.

Accepts Failure: One of the most important traits of an entrepreneur is to accept failure, learn from mistakes and building new objectives to keep going.