Whether you are a college grad, a mid-senior professional or an executive – At some point, you might struggle to find a job. What could be the problem and how to overcome this?

Apply to Relevant Jobs: Don’t just apply to “Quick Apply” jobs, there are a lot of employers who would like you to make some effort and apply on their career site. Sometimes expect to see your resume in their inbox with a crisp covering letter.

Keep Resume Fresh: Do not use an outdated resume, keep it updated. Not all jobs have the same requirements so customize your resume to meet the employers’ resume.

Write Cover Letter: Do not skip writing a sensible cover letter. On an average a recruiter spends 6 seconds looking at a resume and a cover letter could keep the recruiter interested in learning more about you.

Follow-up Email: It is a good practice to send out a thank you email after the interview and later follow-up to ask for an update. This will show you are well mannered and interested in the job you applied for.

Look Beyond Titles: Do not worry about the job’s title being advertised by the company. Two things matter – does the job role interest you? and does it pay you enough to keep you happy?

Location Independent: Do not limit yourself to just one location, be location independent or at least consider multiple cities. This not only increases your probability of landing a job faster but could also open up newer opportunities and expand your horizon.

Be Prepared: Never show up to an interview unprepared. This not only results in a bad interview experience for you and the hiring manager but also leaves you less confident. Read the job description completely, align your strengths and assess your areas of development. Also, go to the company website – understand their offerings, their management team, news releases and other information