The Entrepreneur’s Wife

The Entrepreneur’s Wife

If you are reading this article, it aptly means that you are an entrepreneur or a beautiful wife of one such entrepreneur. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur’s wife, but not hard either. The new style is work for yourself, earn for yourself and own your work. Why not? I really liked the concepts and ideas when my husband shared with me, it’s really worth to give those 9 hours of creative hard work to your very own business than to do it for someone else for few bucks. Sounds really cool, but it’s not a cake walk either. Here are a few keep in mind tips for you to check out.

Listen, Listen and Listen
That’s the main thing to do. Lend your attentive ears to your upcoming entrepreneur and just forget. All those idea’s and thoughts running around his head needs an ear to be poured into, processed and fed back with an understanding view and direction…Phew!! Sounds hard, but remember you are your husband’s first choice to trust and share his idea’s and the only reliable source. You are the powerhouse of support and encouragement he has.

Weekends Fun
Don’t be surprised if you get to spend the much awaited weekends at a startup exhibition or a startup workshop. Make sure to accompany your husband to those exhibits and seminars. It gives a sense of involvement. But that need not be the case every time, take your time for entertainment too. Try avoiding movies and malls for some time, best is to take a walk on the beach or a nearby park. It is light on the pocket and also gives you the opportunity to get a fresh perspective of tasks ahead.

Spend Wisely
Now, this one is crucial of all, since you need lot of money to fund your business it makes a lot of sense to spend wisely but not misery. Plan you budget and get those bucks saved as an investment for your future. It gives lot of peace to fund your business with your own money and not by lending from others, it allows No  chance to be answerable to anyone.NLate night with the laptop: Wake up in middle of a quiet night and find your hubby hugging the laptop and is much immersed with it?  that very much normal and you need to get used to this new routine of his. All those ideas and enthusiasm usually burst out of the mind during those calm and quiet nights and you need to give him that time. Make sure that it doesn’t happen frequently, it is definitely not a Healthy lifestyle.

Trust and Support
Trust his idea’s remember to appreciate his hard work and talent. Provide support and be like a soft cushion to fall back on and when required. Make peace and love in the atmosphere to stay calm and focused

Sacrifice Time
“Time” the only thing that no has. A school going kid to retired Grandpa everyone is packed with their tight  schedule’s that no time for each other. Where’s time to sacrifice now!! The time you spent together, the late evenings or the weekends may no longer come alive due to the new business needs and setup time it takes. But, remember its not for ever.

Last but the highest of all, Never compare your hubby’s entrepreneurial skills or decisions with someone else’s.thatz the worst one can do and it will fuel to arguments and brings conflict. All are not same and everyone is blessed differently, Appreciate and value your hubby’s hard effort.

A true entrepreneurial spirit is to take a chance to run those dream idea’s into reality and not fear the failure. An entrepreneur wife by the side will make this journey much smoother. Thatz all from my diary of entrepreneur wife, do let me know your experiences and thoughts of this wi- fies…